August 4, 2016

I've been applying this clay mask twice a day since my face has broken out due to the summer heat. I've been using it on sunspots and age spots on my hands and arms as well.

Bentonite clay is actually old volcanic ash that when combined with water becomes electrically charged which binds it to heavy metals and toxins and pulls them from body tissues. The clay assists in cleansing pores from dirt and impurities it also shrinks and tightens enlarged pores. It's astringent properties exfoliate the skin which allows the skin to regenerate and create new cells. This is why bentonite clay can be used for skin discoloration caused by sun exposure, scarring, pregnancy mask, and age - great news for anyone with acne, blackheads, old scars and aging skin!

​Bentonite clay is odorless and doesn't stain therefore I mix it only with water and I leave out any essential oils that could possibly cause a reaction. Take care of your face and wash it gently using your hands only!


  • Bentonite clay powder (found in most health food stores and online here)

  • Filtered water 


  1. Mix clay and water in a 1:1 ratio. I put it in a mason jar where I mixed 5 tbsp clay and 5 tbsp water. 

  2. Mix with a non-metal spoon as the metal from the spoon can leech into the clay. Continue to mix until all the chunks are broken up and the clay resembles a thick yogurt-like texture. If it is too runny add more clay, too chunky add more water.

  3. Apply to a clean face or any area of the body, avoiding the mouth and eyes.

  4. Allow 15 min or until clay is completely dry before washing off. Use warm water to remove and avoid using a cloth.

  5. I apply a rose water toner afterwards to clean up any extra residue. 

  6. In the morning you can apply tea tree oil to the problem area before using a moisturizer (I use therapudical grade rosehip oil and avoid my forehead and chin where my acne is more prominent) and in the evening I apply the rosehip oil all over. 

​* ​If you have sensitive skin you can thin out the mask or not allow the clay to dry completely.


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