July 11, 2016



These Sasky summers are known for their abundance of mosquitos - and with the little guy in the house I knew I had to come up with something better than Deet to spray on him. I had no idea that there were so many essential oils that act as natural bug repellents and I was happy to know I already had plenty of them at home.

Deet. A pesticide that is so poisonous the Environmental Protection Agency advises that you wash it off your skin immediately after use or spray on long clothing instead. Breathing the spray in or spraying it directly on your face isn't suggested as well. However; the effectiveness of deet is undeniable. In areas that are threatened by West Nile, Zika virus and Lyme disease, people should follow basic precautions with deet and apply a lower concentration of Deet as instructed on the product.

Ive used this spray on my children with great results! Some of the oils (wintergreen and peppermint) can cause some reactions when in contact with skin. However, this recipe is diluted enough that the oils aren't as concentrated. Just to be sure, spray a small amount on yours or your children's skin to check for any reactions.

​The more concentrated this recipe, the longer it works - so feel free to add more of any oil!


  • 30 drops citronella essential oil

  • 30 drops soy bean oil (found here)

  • 10 drops peppermint essential oil

  • 10 drops wintergreen essential oil 

  • 8 drops cedarwood essential oil

  • 5 drops lemongrass essential oil

  • 5 drops geranium essential oil 

  • distilled water 

  • vegetable glycerine (optional)

  • pinch of sea salt 


  1. Mix all essential oils in a small spray bottle (I used a 5oz bottle - double recipe for a larger bottle). 

  2. Add 5 ml of vegetable glycerine and pinch of salt to the bottle. 

  3. Fill the remainder of the bottle with distilled water. Shake to combine.

  4. Shake prior to use and spray every 1-2 hrs to keep bugs at bay. 


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