June 7, 2016


There are so many different protein powders out there, so I understand that it can be confusing when trying to find the one for you. Since I have an intolerance to lactose and casein...and whey, it left only a few options for me to chose from. I hate the taste and texture of hemp powder and other vegetarian powders were just shy of tasting like cardboard. That's when I stumbled upon Vega protein (from following vegan athlete Mike Zigomanis on Instagram) I thought this was my last try - thank God I did because this stuff is amazing! The Vega Sport Performace Protein is by far my favourite (Vega One has hemp...and a bit more fat per scoop) and they make protein bars as well that are unreal. Look for this stuff in most grocery stores, health food stores and sign up for their emails online as they often have sales and 2 for 1 deals. Below is just one of my favourite post workout smoothies I whip up. Feel free to add anything else you like! For me I watch my fat intake so I don't consume much almond milk, but if you love the stuff you can swap out the water for almond milk. This protein powder is so versatile, you can add it to baking, granola or smoothies to up their protein content. Let me know what you think!


  • ​1 scoop Vega Sport protein powder (chocolate or mocha flavor)

  • 1 frozen banana 

  • 1/2 C cold water (or almond milk)

  • 1/2 C cold coffee 

  • 1 Tbsp BP2 (peanut butter sans fat) or peanut butter 


  1. ​Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth. 

  2. Pour into a glass or to-go mug and enjoy!

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