March 14, 2016


When it comes to your face, you want to be as gentle as possible. That's why skipping the store bought stuff (no matter what they promise) and sticking to products that are natural and organic will give your face a chance to regain its natural hormonal balance.

Did you know?

1. The average woman absorbs 5lbs of make-up chemicals per YEAR!

2. 1 in 8 (of the 82,000) ingredients used in beauty products are industrial chemicals (think carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxins and hormone disruptors).

3. Only 11% of 10,000 cosmetic chemicals have been tested for safety.

4. Loopholes in Canada's cosmetic ingredient labeling requirements result in incomplete ingredient lists on many products (What is "Parfum" really?).

(Facts taken from David Suzuki's website. The guy is a genius. Check out his "Dirty Dozen" list for the top 12 chemicals you should be avoiding at all costs)

The addition of synthetic chemicals in personal care products are linked to cancer, infertility or birth defects - so take care of yourself and your environment. Stick it to the man and invest some time (I'd say money as well, but these DIY products are much cheaper than store bought stuff) into creating your own products.


  • 5 tsp Jojoba Oil

  • 5 tsp Rose Hip Seed Oil

  • 2 drops Frankincense essential oil

  • 2 drops Sweet Orange essential oil

  • 2 drops Myrrh

  • 2 drops Lavender essential oil

  • 1 drop Patchouli essential oil


  1. Using a pipette or syringe, add the carrier oils (jojoba and rose hip) to a roll on bottle, or a dropper bottle. Add the essential oils and close the top.

  2. Shake gently prior to each use.

  3. Use nightly.

**It is necessary to use high quality essential oils - 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils. As well as for the carrier oils.

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