GLORY BOWL {vegan}

February 17, 2016


Here it is! My best friend, Rachel made me this recipe when I was visiting her in Vancouver, and it has been a staple in my household ever since. It has changed a bit over the course of a couple years, but its deliciousness remains the same. We usually add whatever veggies we have in our fridge, and we dabble with adding baked chicken, hummus or even diced banana. Let me know if you love this recipe as much as we do! Best served with this amazing raw tahini dressing.


  • 2 handfuls rocket salad (or spinach)

  • 1 beet, shredded

  • 2 carrots, shredded

  • 2 tomatoes, diced (or 2 handfuls cherry tomatoes split)

  • 1/2 cucumber, sliced in half and in half again and diced

  • 1 jalapeno, finely diced

  • Handful of cilantro or basil, chopped

  • 1/2 C whole raw almonds

  • 1 C cooked red lentils, (quinoa, amaranth or brown rice work well)

  • tahini dressing 

  • *option to add cooked chicken or egg (this makes it non-vegan)


  1. This recipe makes 2 large bowls. Assemble in each bowl half of above ingredients, beginning with rocket salad or spinach, then add the lentils/quinoa/amaranth/brown rice. Adding around the bowl the carrots, beets, cucumber, tomato and jalapeno. 

  2. Meanwhile, add almonds to a frying pan on medium-low heat. Toss as they cook to ensure they don't burn and allow them to cook evenly. 

  3. If you are adding chicken, begin cooking this now.

  4. To cook a perfect soft-boiled egg, add the egg to cold water in a small pot. Turn the burner on to high and when the water begins to boil, cook the egg from 3 minutes. Remove from heat and carefully drain the water. Add back cold water to stop the egg from cooking and allow you to remove its shell. 

  5. Begin making the salad dressing, if you haven't made it already.

  6. Add almonds (egg and chicken if you like) to the salad and top with the tahini dressing. 

  7. Enjoy...and be full :)

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