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Becky is a certified Holistic Nutritionist and leads a plant-based organic lifestyle. She lives in Canada with her husband and three children. Becky is the creator and owner of Fête Essential Oil Co as well as Muse Nutrition and is also a food & drink contributor to Khachilife, a fine lifestyles 


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March 20, 2016

Looking for ways to whiten your teeth without using harsh chemicals or treatments? Then look no further! I have 2 recipes that I will share with you that can help you achieve some pearly whites :)

The first recipe uses activated charcoal. Activated...

March 18, 2016

While you transition over parts of your life to a more holistic or natural way, we often forget about how much we put ON to our bodies, including our hair products. I am hesitant in putting aside the rituals involving my hair. I enjoy going to the sa...

March 17, 2016

Protect your lips with this Burts Bee's peppermint dupe. I find most of the butters in these recipes on Amazon as well as the Beeswax; however I'm sure your local organic store would carry them as well. You can pour this recipe in old lip balm sticks...

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